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Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm back from my five week vacation (it was great to visit my MGC pal, Valerie while we were in Vancouver, BC) and finally got all my chores done so I could craft today -- I made two things for a Stampin Up Workshop on October 6th at my house -- the fellow on the left is the "Build-A-Bear die from SU and he (or she) is decked out in a Halloween costume -- the box on the right uses a stamp set from Stampin Up (can't remember the name and can't go look it up since I have a cat on the back of my chair and if I get up I am sure the chair will tip over!!) -- I plan to buy some candy on Friday for the ladies at the workshop to put in the boxes they make -- I will have to hide the candy from my husband or there won't be any candy left come Tuesday!!).

I have been working toward my certification on the new Stampin Up software -- looks like a great program -- I did the scrapbook and card making part and next up is making calendars -- if you would like to see more info about the program you can check out the Stampin Up web site.