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Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting Organized

Not much crafting lately -- I have been organizing my stamps -- I bought the black cabinet at Walmart and put it together (after I dropped it on my foot -- BIG bruise)!!!! Then I cleaned up all my stamps in their CD cases and gave some stamps away to a friend -- then I made copies of each CD case and put that in a notebook and now when I am looking for a particular stamp I just look in my notebook -- how good is that!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

WOW another post for me -- just finished the bunny card above -- got the stamp, paper and ribbon with one of the British craft magazines -- love those magazines!!!!
This is page two for Easter and this is what is in the journal box: "No Easter family photos as Jim & Michelle do not like to have their pictures taken -- the cats, however, are always ready to pose (I think they are hoping if they are cute they will get extra food for their efforts!!)". I should mention the cats are always looking for more food since they have been on a diet -- the Vet said Alex is "overly portly" at 20 pounds and Max is not far behind at 17 1/2 pounds -- thus the diet.
No cards today but I did finally finish the Easter pages I have been working on for a month (I've been working on them at the Monday scrapping group and I have been doing more talking than working!!!) -- this is page one and since I am not sure you can read the journal box, here it is, "The photo below shows what Jim was hoping to have for breakfast on Easter morning - however, Michelle and I gave him "the look" and he decided cereal was a better idea -- he didn't forget the plate of "goodies" and snacked on it for the rest of the day!!!".

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The final card for the June workshop -- can you believe I have the workshop cards done more than three weeks ahead of time!!!! We had one card left over from the May workshop that we did not get done so we will do that one in June. Now I have time to play with my Copics!!
Finally, a bird card I like and that is easy to do -- this is the one we will use for my next Stampin Up workshop on June 14th.
Hope this is not too much of a shock -- I posted two days in a row!! -- I am still playing with my bird punch -- I think I should have had the ribbon up a bit -- I think this one needs some more work.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am trying to post more often to my blog -- wonder how long that will last!!! -- I made two cards yesterday from a card I had seen in my friend Bev's card magazine (yes, it does get confusing when we are together) -- I wanted to use my Stampin Up bird punch -- I cut the circle in the card with my Cricuit and also cut the shape on the circle also with the Cricut -- I like both cards but my favorite is the pink and green -- love those pastels!!!!!