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Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is page two for Easter and this is what is in the journal box: "No Easter family photos as Jim & Michelle do not like to have their pictures taken -- the cats, however, are always ready to pose (I think they are hoping if they are cute they will get extra food for their efforts!!)". I should mention the cats are always looking for more food since they have been on a diet -- the Vet said Alex is "overly portly" at 20 pounds and Max is not far behind at 17 1/2 pounds -- thus the diet.


  1. They are gorgeous,
    Give them a hug from me,
    Our new little member has settled in fine, and the oldest cat (16 this year) gets on fine, the youngest cat is 4 years old,does not come in apart from food, but he was like that before we got Joey.
    Hope your well,

  2. your kitties are so cute! love it
    hugs, Valerie